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Published on 22 March 2010 by in Thought Leadership


Welcome to the first post by the Prudent Experts, Mitchell Shames and Sean Flannery.

Our overriding mission at Harrison Fiduciary Group (HFG) is to provide professionalized investment fiduciary services on behalf of retirement plans.  With our combined 50 years of experience in investment and fiduciary matters, we have found all too often that while the term “fiduciary” can be tossed around a great deal, there are few individuals and firms devoted exclusively to providing investment fiduciary experiences.

We are committed to the principle that the role of a fiduciary is professional discipline in its own right.  Serving as a fiduciary is not simply ancillary to providing another service such as providing investment or consulting advice.

This blog will be devoted to identifying current issues confronting investment fiduciaries as well as directing readers to other professionals and organizations which are advancing fiduciary issues.   With Mitch’s background as a fiduciary lawyer, and Sean’s as an investment professional, each of our posts will be focused in our particular areas of expertise.  (For greater details on our backgrounds, please see the About Us tab on our website.)

HFG is proposing a new business model with respect to the management and oversight of retirement plans.  The role of serving as an investment fiduciary has enormous benefits both to plans sponsors as well as to plan participants.  We are firmly convinced that sponsors and participants will derive quantifiable value from our services.

Finally, we look forward to your thoughts, comments and questions pertaining to the issues and concepts which we present.  Please, challenge our assumptions, processes and conclusions.  We welcome the debate.

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